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African Views

Wale Idris Ajibade

Executive Director

Georgia State University

Larry Thomas Jr.

Educational Program Specialist

Fiore and Company

John R. Fiore


Eulisa T.

I had the privilege of attending a Sister Suite Talk in Charleston, SC and it was intense and powerful. The room was full of positive energy, healing and motivation. I would highly recommend her and this series for anyone looking to have significant breakthroughs or just wanting to press restart on life. I know that I greatly benefited from the event!

Author U.

I had the pleasure of being a part of Sister Suite Talk in Augusta and it was life changing. The breakthroughs discovered and the connections made were healing to the spirit. L.A. is a dynamic speaker of life! If you ever have the opportunity to go to one of her sessions, please do.

This women's books completely touched my heart. Her message and her purpose is so inspiring. She does everything with fierce passion and love.


Untamed, K.Tyler

From My Heart to Yours is a show that’s necessary for the mind, body, and soul. As a past guest, I was afforded the opportunity to express my triumph after tragic circumstances and how I was able to arrive to that point in my life. L.A. was ever gracious, engaging, encouraging, and promoting of a feel good atmosphere. With mental and emotional devastation that the pandemic has and is still causing along with other life issues, it is a wonderful to have a place to refocus our energy on light, love, and positivity. 

Mr. & Mrs. Parrish

Vicki S.

Wow what can I say, L A Robert's has really blessed me and my family with this book and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and your papa for writing this book. This book has helped me to really think about all of my breakdowns and my breakthroughs. I have read the book and my granddaughter is in the process of reading the book. She is 10 years old and this book has touched her heart as well. She watches L A Roberts on YouTube and she Google to show others and to share with others about this book. Thank you L A Roberts for making such an impact in our lives and for writing this book. I pray that this book bless others as it has blessed me and my family and I pray that the Lord continue to give you the wisdom and the grace to continue to bless others.

There is so much to say about this beautiful Woman, LA Roberts. From the time that we met, I admired her presence. We immediately connected because she has a heart of gold and wonderful sense of humor. One thing that stood out to me was that she is genuine and has a loving personality that draws you in. I also respect her honesty and generosity. She has stretched me on several amazing productions that I have completed. After several consultation sessions, she helped transform my recent script that I wrote titled “The Skin I’m In”, and challenged me to think bigger and not place limitations on my creativity. Now, I took a simple script and was able to expand and create a three volume short film series. She is not only a great author, speaker, and coach but she is a great friend. I have enjoyed watching her grow and I recommend her services to anyone who is ready to stretch and grow!

L.A.Roberts is world class. My son and I met her at an event in Atlanta in November 2017. I was really impressed with and touched by her totally positive and empowering demeanor and personality. She has already had a major impact on my son's life (Beau Shell) and my life. She is wise beyond her years. L.A.'s big personality and kind spirit translates in her book, Life After Death. My son and I both enjoyed reading her story and learning how, through faith and determination, she was able to navigate the loss of her beloved Papa. Her words will give you to the courage to press through your own trials and tribulations. I would encourage everyone to get her book. It is an easy and delightful read.

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