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I’m sooo excited 😆 My second book relea

The Root Cause 

A Journey To Heal Your Inner Child

In this short read "The Root Cause-A Journey To Heal Your Inner Child" by L.A. Roberts you will be challenged to search within your heart and discover the healing that needs to take place. This book offers insightful examples of everyday life and will cause you to visit the child within. Healing is necessary in order to walk into your future freely and live the life you've always dreamed. L.A. Roberts is a Transformational Speaker and Breakthrough Strategist that desires to see you sit, stand, walk and run in your freedom with power and authority. This book is an amazing place to start your journey. You deserve it!

Dear, Papa__Today I celebrate our book r

From Breakdown to Breakthrough

In this short read “From Breakdown to Breakthrough” by LA Roberts you will find a heart wrenching life story of a great man, her grandfather, who would give everything in him to help others. You will also learn about his passing and how his granddaughter was able to move forward and start living life the way she knew her grandfather would want her to. L.A. Roberts was able to pull herself out of a hard-hitting year of her life by taking it second by second. She will encourage you to do the same and give you tips on how to help you to work through a grieving time in your life no matter how hard life hits you.

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